07 April, 2011

Baby Activity in the Womb

Babies can kick, squirm and hiccup in the womb. New parents may be unsettled by some of the baby's movements, but many are very common. As your baby develops, it will move around more in the womb. However, babies do not all move the same. Some babies are more active than others. Knowing how your baby is developing each trimester can help you know what movement is normal and what should cause alarm.

First Trimester
The first trimester is a frenzy of activity, but you won't be able to feel it. Following conception, the baby is just a cluster of cells. However, by the end of the first trimester often doctors can find a heartbeat. Although there is a lot of activity taking place in the womb, you will not detect anything. The baby is buried and cushioned inside of your womb, too deep for you to know when it moves.
(Aku memang takde rasa pape lagi. Just saw the heartbeat through ultrasound scan.)

Second Trimester
In the second trimester, mom can begin to feel each kick and turn from inside the womb. By the fifth month, there is noticeable movement from the baby. However, the movement will be irregular because the baby is not large enough for you to catch every wiggle or punch. Around this time you may notice that your baby will move in response to sound. Near the end of the second trimester, your baby can be very active following a meal when the food causes an increase in your blood sugar. This will give your baby plenty of energy to move around.
(Still the same, tapi munchkin selalu perasan perut aku bergerak time aku tido. Aku tido mati. HAHA)

Third Trimester
In the last months of the pregnancy, your baby can gain about half a pound a week. You will be able to notice the baby's movements more because it is more developed. The baby's movements will be visible outside of the mom's abdomen. Since your baby's movement is more apparent, your doctor may ask you to keep track of the baby's movement. Near the end of the pregnancy the baby will turn its head downward.
(Ouh i cant wait for the baby kicking! I heard somewhere, nanti kalau baby aktif sangat, mommy susah nak tido. Pastu kulit perut rasa sakit sangat.. Humm, scary gak tuh!)

Causes for Concern
During the fifth month if you do not feel any movement, schedule an appointment with your doctor for an ultrasound. It could just be that your due date is off a little and throwing off the developmental time line you're following. Also, in the third trimester your doctor may ask you to keep track of movement. Follow your doctor's directions clearly. Contact your doctor immediately if you chart infrequent or decreased movement. It is suggested that a baby in the third trimester should move about 10 times in two hours. However, each baby is different. Communicate with your doctor so you will be educated on causes for concern.

Week 14  - The baby is busy with thumb sucking and toe wiggling.

Source: Lupa. Tskk.


Atiqah Adnan said...

caner eak rasa bb gerak huu~
kadang rasa sakit je n belly dah mula gatal2 daaa..

Yanie said...

tak sabor nak tengok baby amelyn...

amElyn said...

atiqah adnan:
i pun tatau nak cakap cane. denga2 derang kata geli2 and sakit.. =)

awwwww. i lagi tak sabar! =D

Melissa said...

If I'm not mistaken, they say we can start feeling our baby's movements (termed quickening) dalam 16-22 weeks. :)
Mula2 rasa macam gas bubbles dalam perut, hehe. As weeks pass, it gets stronger. Best ! Alhamdulillah. :)

amElyn said...

i heard the same things too.. =)
hihi. i know its the best feeling. for sure u dah alami kan?

Anonymous said...

funny sgt rase bby gerak2 inside ur womb. U might be thinking ape agaknye bby buat kt dlm tu. When the lil' one move, xtau la kicking ke punching ke ape, i saw my tummy mcm wavy. My bby sgt aktif kt dlm ni. once die move, mcm xnk berenti lak..huhu~ a sweet, nice wonderful feeling. Tp mmg ms die byk sgt move tu rase perut a bit tight n terik. I dah start rase bby move around week 16. sometimes kite confuse whether it is gasses or bby's movement. tp at one point, u can tell the difference. enjoy ur preggy moment..i'm loving it..

cik yaya said...

masuk 20weeks nti mesti rasa dah baby tendang2 and pusing2.mmg mula2 rasa mcm angin je.nti mesti terkejut je time dia kick :)

ryy.han said...

yup towards the end of pregnancy kdg xboleh/ krg selesa nk tdo..

blh rasa kicking, hiccup...perut tu mcm bergoyang2 kiri kanan...(klu tak caye tgk blog kita..sempat rakam perut bergoyang kiri kanan..)

amElyn said...

ouh i love hearing your experience!!!
syiokk.memang tak sabar ni.
i just afraid of not knowing how to differentiate gas or baby moves. =}

cik yaya:
hihihi. ya Allah..memang dah tak sabar ni.. =)

ouh sweet! dengan segera akan ke blog anda! =)

^^mrs.deana^^ said...

hihih..x sbr nk rse bby grak2 dlm peyut ni..tp i bru 10 weeks,xde rse ppe lg..rse keras je peyut ni adelaa...tihihihi


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