19 October, 2012

Mulai sekarang, saya adalah Melin Fork. Awak Mr. Spoonder saya.

A fork and a spoon, always end up on the same plate, yet they always try to find the perfect partner, the better one, silver one, but at the end of the day they always perfect for each other doesn't matter the spoon is not shining or the fork is a bit shorter.
People always find it perfectly on their hands, I hope I would be your spoon for the rest of my life, to perfect us, happy 2nd year anniversary sayang. I love you!

Short, simple and nice. 
Husband gave this, on my Facebook wall post. Romentik ler sangatttttt kan?
Last year nak celebrate tapi dalam pantang bersalin. This time plak tak rasa nak mintak apa-apa. 
(Bajet husband kasi surprise tapi bermohon lah dia sangatttt romentik untuk berbuat sedemikian). Haha.

Rasanya lebih bahagia bila dapat pegi playground and bawak Adri ke Aquaria. Tu pun dah cukup bahagia dah. Gi Aquaria jer. Tengok fish. Kan Adri kan??

Love you too fat spoon!!!

P/S : I thought he copy-pasted from somewhere then gave it to me. U know lah him macam mana kan? but it's totally wrong. He told me yesterday that he got the idea masa tengah basuh pinggan, during our dinner time and I'm like whattt? It's really from you?

Haha. Ok that's romantic to me now!


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