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08 September, 2020


Checkup in week 35
Found out the baby is in abnormal positioning; complete breech. A bit shocked but they said nothing to worry because it's still early, means the baby still have time to turn. I was relief. 

Unfortunately it continues until week 38. Makes me wonder, kenapa baby tak in position lagi? Asked the doctors but no satisfying answer. I redha and stop questioning. So masa ni doc made a letter and refer my case to the hospital. I chose Hospital Serdang without hesitation. Hahah sebab dulu Jasmine dok wad lama kt sana, so rasa cambest je. ðŸ˜ŽðŸ˜Ž Huhu berangan nak repeat Annur tapi kalau dh cenggini, lupakan! ðŸ˜…

First appointment in Hospital Serdang. 
Week 38
I had a new appointment on the next day. The baby still breech and they offered me to do version. After many thoughts, I was not keen to proceed. Don't judge. ðŸ˜› I just felt like this is fate. I put my effort much as I could but still, it was a big argument. I was happy with my choice and I still am. 
I was scheduled for c-section on Sept 2nd (week 39) but need to be there on August 31st, 8 am sebab kena buat Covid-19 screening. ðŸ˜Đ

31 August 2020
Week 39
Admitted to PAC, Hospital Serdang.  
As usual, register, check bp, check baby heartbeat. All readings kelaut sebab neves kemain. Haha pastu I haven't took any breakfast yet that day, tu yang baby pun syok tido. Doc pun syok la do ve nak 'kejut' baby. Bertuah sangat! ðŸ˜ðŸ˜
Still menunggu turn dapat katil, so in the mean time lepak la mana2 sofa to comfort yourselves. It was okay, the food and all, nothing to complain. Sempat la lelap kejap. ðŸ˜Ž Lepas Asar baru dapat. Okeh settled.

1st September 2020
3-4 am
Mula rasa perut mengeras regularly in 10-15 min. Eh macam kes Jasmine je ni tapi takpelah rilek dulu. At the same time dah mula ada show. Risau plak sebab dulu Jasmine takde show. So masa nurse datang check bp & ctg, told them my situation. Dah ada instinct, emergency jugak aku hari ni but they said it's normal even derang dah detect ada contraction. ðŸĪĶðŸŧ‍♀️
P/s: Dilation pagi semalam 2 cm. Dalam rekod, declare no contraction sebab I was not in pain. ðŸĪĶðŸŧ‍♀️ðŸĪĶðŸŧ‍♀️

8 am
Told doc pelatih yang datang check, dia tak boleh decide. Tunggu doc pakar datang katanya. So around 10 am, pakar and bos dia datang sekali dengan nurse nak check ctg. Reading memang dah regular, doc check dah dilate 3 cm, cumanya I don't feel the pain yet. Pakar terus decide emergency case because I was in labor. Nasib la pagi tu breakfast sket je, boleh proceed masuk ot, standby at 2pm. I was asking kalau proceed normal birth tak boleh ke? They said kita tak buat normal birth for breech baby here. ðŸĪ·ðŸŧ‍♀️ 

Emergency LSCS & It's not the end of the world ðŸ˜Œ
2.30 pm
Get ready and I'm ready. ðŸ’ŠðŸŧ💊ðŸŧ First time oi nak belah perut. Kali ni baby memang menguji. ðŸ˜Œ 
The baby was safely out at 3.19 pm but I was having a heart complication. ðŸĪĶðŸŧ‍♀️ Did ecg and rhythm tak cantik. Ahh sudah. Kalau tengok simptom, I was like physically all good. Kena pulak monitor kat situ sampai 6.30 pm. Kepala tingtong, effect lepas operation kot. Dah keluar ot nak hantar wad, aku muntah atas katil. Due to that complication, kena monitor tahan dalam labor room pulak, sebab nak buat ecg. Cant even drink sebab muntah2 and kepala pening teruk. Tido ajer. ðŸ˜· Baby nurse jaga dalam wad. So rest la kat situ.

2 September 2020
5 am
Baru dapat pegang baby. Kepala tingtong lagi ni but still kena bf sebab lama tinggal baby kan? Pastu dah melambak lagi muntah atas katil wad. I was starving since last I remember makan half bun at 10 pm (31hb) macam tu. ðŸ˜…

8 am
Pakar datang check, baby okeh takde masalah boleh discharge tp mak plak yang masalah, kena check jantung and buat scan kot la ada bengkak or anything wrong. Book appointment today tapi punyalah long que, plus I was in semi-urgent case, 2 hari kau kena tahan tak boleh balik lagi. Mak iz stress here. 

4 September 2020
9 am
Finally went to the Unit Kardiologi nak scan jantung. Memang ramai sangat orang (read:tua). Masa scan, Alhamdulillah takdak apa pun. All is well. Hahah macam-macam hal la. At first aku dah give up nak skip je scan tu since derang pun notice I look normal but they refused sebab takut aku anytime boleh collapse. So derang taknak take the risk la. Since aku pun memang dah kat sini, proceed jelah kata doc. Betul jugek. ðŸ˜ž Result pun cantik, baru la doc release.

Scheduled on Sept 2nd
I went into labor a day before so need to undergo emergency operation- Sept 1st (due to breech baby)
0400 - perut keras every 10-15 min. Bloody show at the same time. 2 cm dilation.
1000 - 3 cm dilation. Contraction dah regular. 
1430 - tolak masuk ot
1519 - baby safely delivered.

Introducing our another new bundle of joy, 

26 September, 2017

The Birth Story : JASMINE ADELEA

Had very first mild contractions (perut mengeras) and rasa nak buang air besar, put blame onto spicy foods I ate during my dinner ðŸ˜Đ
Got up from bed and the contractions still coming. I just ignored since there are no labor signs. I'm in week 38.
Husband out to work kejap and told him earlier that I might had contractions and promised he will be back in two hours. Asked the kids to go mandi.
Feel want to poo, and tried timing the contractions. Irregular and last about 60 seconds tapi dah terdetik dalam hati, Uishhh, berpeluh gak rasa dia. Rileks..
I stay calm and straight went to the toilet. Dapatlah membuang sikit. Flushed and in sudden I felt strong urges. ðŸ˜ģ Berdiri kejap and pegang sink, practise calm breathing. Wondering, Eh gila takkan dah nak bersalin? ðŸĪŠ Due minggu depan. Okeh takpe..rileks dulu. Breath in, breath out.

Can't hold anymore. I cant reach my phone to let husband knows I am in pain. I am alone with the kids now. Suddenly rasa nak membuang lagi, and at the same time ada something nak terkeluar from down below.
I was sweating like hell, bend down at the sink and remain calm, breath and act like nothing happened.
Kenot tahan dah. 😅
She kinda dropped on the floor.. hanging just enough sebab tali pusat pendek. ALLAHUAKBAR.. 😂 I'm just shock. I just gave birth in the bathroom!

About 10.15
Then I heard my MIL got home from surau. The kids came. I remember they said, Ahhhhh, that's a cute tiny baby!
No kids, it's not what I want to hear now. Please panggil Tokmi.
I came out from the room holding the baby in one hand, half naked. She was like so surprised and asked the neighbours for help. I was surrounded by the makciks while my MIL went to the nearest KK. 😁
Luckily, ada doctor (d/o my MIL's friend) who assisted me to push out the placenta. Dia pun tak berani buat lebih2 sebab takde tools. Kalau ingat balik, memang kelakar. Ikat cord guna ribbon jer sementara tunggu nurse sampai. 😅
Nurses arrived. They cut the cord and I start breastfed the baby. Checked bp, tear, my condition and all. Did ve, nak keluarkan darah ketul. The baby and I were just fine. No dizzy, no heavy bleeding. Yes, Allah is always with me. They refer me to the nearest hospital (Hospital Kajang). They did some minor stitches at KK before sent me to the hospital.

Naik ambulance and classified as BBA emergency case. Admitted for 24 hours monitoring since the baby is quite small, only 2.35 kg in week 38.
Discharged and went home. Alhamdulillah, both mommy and baby are safe.

3.00 - First contraction. Do timing, mild but consistent.
9.00 - Cant really sleep last night, so get up from bed and siap. Plan nak keluar beli barang.
9.50 - Rasa sakit yang sama dari pagi tadi. Buang air besar, and terus rasa baby macam nak terkeluar. I just breath and push. Remain calm and having my own moment. Alone. Unplanned.
10.15 - Told my mom in law (baru balik from surau) that I accidentally gave birth in the bathroom. 😅

Now she is struggling with jaundice. Please pray for us!

16 March, 2016

#kitchenmelin - Resepi Nasi Ayam Simple & Sedap

Aku try buat semalam for the first time. Not bad. Aku ikut bulat-bulat apa yang Kaksu ajor.

Source : Google

Bahan-bahan (Sup)
Bawang besar hiris nipis
Bawang putih hiris nipis
Halia hiris nipis
Sup bunjut
Rempah tiga beradik
Daun sup
Ayam potong 8

Mula-mula, tumis semua rencah dulu. Masukkan ayam, tunggu sampai air kering and bawang dah naik kuning. Pastu dah boleh masukkan air, tunggu sampai masak. Bila dah siap, baru boleh masak nasi sebab kita nak guna sup ni tadi.

Bahan-bahan (Sambal)
Cili besar
Cili padi sikit kalau nak extra pedas
Bawang putih
Sos cili

Tumbuk semua sekali sampai lumat. Bila dah siap, baru tambah sos cili. Simple

Bahan-bahan (Ayam goreng)
Ayam yang dah direbus buat sup tadi
Sos tiram
Kicap manis

Perap semua pastu goreng jer.

Bahan-bahan (Kicap)
Lebihan sos perapan ayam tadi
Tambah sikit sup
Tambah sikit kicap

Ulaman : Salad and tomato

Disebabkan nak buat tu berkait antara satu sama lain, so aku suggest korang kena be careful. Hahahah bukan apa, kalau silap dari awal memang spoil sampai ke hujung. Aku dah kena dah. Hahahaha. So aku nak korang take note, i learned from my mistakes.

1. Bila aku tumis bawang (buat sup) tu over kuning, hampir kehitaman so kuah sup jadi warna coklat sikit. A bit turn off for me. Nasi ko nanti pun tak berapa putih. A bit brownish..tapi rasa tak efek la. Sedap jer. 
2. Aku potong ayam besar, so dah rebus dah goreng pun kat belah dalam dia kemerahan ada darah sikit lagi. Adehhh fail. So aku suggest ayam belah kecik, kalau nak besar rebus lama sikit.
3. Kalau ikut kaksu, dia masak nasi tambah garam. Aku lupa, tapi takpe. Ok jer rasa dia sebab dah digabung dengan sup and sambal power.
4. Kalau ikut Kaksu lagi, goreng ayam paling last makan panas-panas sedap. Aku makan time sejuk, suap anak aku makan sekali. Sodap ajer. Hahaha 

14 March, 2016

#kitchenmelin - Resepi Sizzling Yee Mee

Baru jer buat tadi ni ha. Kena dengan tekak. Tu yang nak share.

Source : Google

Bahan-bahan (3 serving)
Bawang putih 6,7 ulas. Ketuk or hiris nipis. Ikut suka.
Halia 2 inci
1 ketul kiub pati ayam
3 sudu kicap cair/manis
4 sudu sos tiram
1 sudu serbuk lada hitam
1 sudu minyak bijan
3 biji lada kering. Rendam dulu sampai kembang.
2 sudu tepung jagung. Bancuh dengan air.
Segenggam cendawan shitake kering. Sama jugak, rendam dulu.
Sayur sebagai perencah. Ikut suka nak guna apa. Sawi boleh, kubis ker, bayam ke. 
1 peket yee mee. Ada dalam 3 sanggul. Cukup.
2 ketul ayam. Aku belah kecik, dapat dalam 12 bite-size.

Optional : 3 biji cili padi. Buat cili potong. Nyumm

1. Tumis garlic tadi dengan halia and lada kering sampai naik bau.
2. Masukkan ayam, cendawan bersama 2 cawan air. Ikutlah nak lebih kuah ke apa.
3. Dah boleh masukkan segala kicap, sos, garam sikit, minyak bijan and kiub pati ayam. Biar kejap sampai mendidih.
4. Agak-agak dah menggelegak, masukkan bancuhan tepung jagung tadi and sayur korang. Takyah lama.
5. Optional, kalau nak tambah telur, boleh masukkan sebelum tutup api. Kalau tanak campur, buat macam aku. Amek sikit kuah dia buh dalam kuali, masak asing telur tadi tu. Faham tak?
6. Curah kuah atas mee yang dah dicelur. Tanak celur pun takpe kot sebab yee mee ni jenis mudah kembang. Pada yang minat mee rangup, korang takyah celur.

Siap sedia untuk di makan! kacang kan? baru ku tahu. Selama ni dok makan kat food court, kemain menggila. Rupanya buat sendiri jer. Rasa pun terangkat beb.

24 February, 2016

My Bucket List (UPDATED) & #tipskurusbyamelyn gittew

1. Get my Degree.
2. Get married to man I love.
3. Having 5 kids, or maybe 3..or maybe 2!! Hehe
4. Be in LEGOLAND!!
5. Get my belly and tongue piercing.
6. Snorkel and scuba dive.
7. Good at cooking and baking.
8. Go overseas.
9. Go to safari or Disneyland!!!!
10. Having my first paycheck.
11. Have a Chinese boyfriend.
12. Build a snowman.
13. Go camping.
14. Target to back in shape within 6 months
15. Pay off my uni loans.
16. Speak Japanese//Chinese fluently!!!
17. Officially send my first kid to school
18. Pet a Persian.
19. Have a babymoon at Cameron Highlands.
20. Learn how to sew.
21. Ride a horse!
22. DIY a tent for my kids.
23. Migrate to Australia.
24. Ride on rollercoasters.
25. Own a nice, small mansion.
26. Make a homemade sushi.
27. Fly to Japan.
28. Donate blood.
29. Punch someone annoying right in her face.
30. Go on a blind date.
31. Have an iPhone and Macbook.
32. Drive my own dream car.
33. Have an oven. 
34. Make new friends but keep the old.
35. Have a one big happy family. (Alhamdulillah)


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