24 February, 2016

My Bucket List (UPDATED) & #tipskurusbyamelyn gittew

1. Get my Degree.
2. Get married to man I love.
3. Having 5 kids, or maybe 3..or maybe 2!! Hehe
4. Be in LEGOLAND!!
5. Get my belly and tongue piercing.
6. Snorkel and scuba dive.
7. Good at cooking and baking.
8. Go overseas.
9. Go to safari or Disneyland!!!!
10. Having my first paycheck.
11. Have a Chinese boyfriend.
12. Build a snowman.
13. Go camping.
14. Target to back in shape within 6 months
15. Pay off my uni loans.
16. Speak Japanese//Chinese fluently!!!
17. Officially send my first kid to school
18. Pet a Persian.
19. Have a babymoon at Cameron Highlands.
20. Learn how to sew.
21. Ride a horse!
22. DIY a tent for my kids.
23. Migrate to Australia.
24. Ride on rollercoasters.
25. Own a nice, small mansion.
26. Make a homemade sushi.
27. Fly to Japan.
28. Donate blood.
29. Punch someone annoying right in her face.
30. Go on a blind date.
31. Have an iPhone and Macbook.
32. Drive my own dream car.
33. Have an oven. 
34. Make new friends but keep the old.
35. Have a one big happy family. (Alhamdulillah)

15 February, 2016

Building and renovation project

Building and renovation project for houses, bungalow, restaurants and offices. 

More details at Instagram ; www.instagram.com/sifoolantai
Facebook ; Sifoo Lantai
Call Mr. Amir - 011 2510 0201


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