26 September, 2017


Had mild contractions and also a stomach ache, put blame onto spicy foods I ate during my last night dinner. Oh my bad!

Woke up and the mild contractions still coming. I just ignored them since no labor signs.
Husband out to work and told him earlier that I had contractions and promised he will be back in two hours.
Asked the kids to go mandi.
Felt want to poo, and tried timing the contractions. Irregular and last about 60 seconds tapi dah terdetik dalam hati,
Uishhh, berpeluh gak rasa dia ni. Rileks.. I stay calm and straight went to the toilet.

Dapatlah membuang sikit. Flushed and in sudden I felt strong urges. Berdiri kejap sebelah sink, and practise calm breathing.  Wondering,
Eh takkan dah nak bersalin? Due minggu depan. Okeh takpe, calm down.. Breath in, breath out.

Can't hold any longer.
I cant reach my phone to let husband knows that I am in pain.
I am alone with the kids now.
Suddenly rasa nak terberak lagi, and at the same time ada something nak terkeluar from down below.
Im sweating like hell, bend down and remain calm, breath and buat macam takda apa. INGATKAN KETULAN DARAH NAK TERKELUAR, BUT IT'S A REAL BABY..
Kenot tahan anymore. 😅
She dropped on the floor.. hanging just enough due to short baby cord. I'm in shock.  I just gave birth in the bathroom! ALLAHUAKBAR..

About 10.15
Then I heard my MIL got home from surau.
The kids came. They said, Ahhhhh, that's a cute baby!
Yeah, they know nothing. Sokay solrite.
Hmm.. No kids, it's not what I want to hear now. Please panggil Tokmi.

I came out from the room holding the baby, in half naked. She was so surprised and called the neighbours for help. I was surrounded by the inexperienced makcik-makcik, who try to help while my MIL went to the nearest KK. 😁

Luckily there is someone who I can count on. An early 30s doctor (d/o my MIL's friend) who assisted me to push out the placenta.

Nurses arrived. They cut the cord and I start breastfed the baby.
Checked bp, tear, my condition and all. Did ve to get out the remaining blood clot. The baby and I were just fine. No dizzy, no heavy bleeding.

They refer me to the nearest hospital, which is Hospital Kajang. They did some minor stitches at KK before sent me to the hospital.

Went there with an ambulance and classified as BBA emergency case.
Admitted for 24 hours monitoring since the baby is quite small, 2.35 kg in week 39.

Discharged and went home. Alhamdulillah, both mommy and baby are safe.

Now she is struggling with jaundice. Please pray for us!

The chronology of the birth. 

0300 - Had mild contractions. Ignore them and continue sleeping. 
0900 - Woke up and tried timing, still having the same degree contractions. 
0950 - Felt want to poo. 
1000 - Suddenly felt strong urges. The pain getting stronger. Something really want to come out from down below. I really can't remember I push, the baby just slide down and dropped on the floor. 😭😭 



LisaLisut said...

Omg!!! Firstly tahniahhhh! Taktau u pregnant no3!! Hahaha. Gosh speechless baca experience branak sndri ni. I almost jd mcm u tp sempat tahan 1.5jam otw g hosp haha. Tp best la kan u xrs sakit lama sgt 😛 Get well soon Jasmine. Take care mommy

amElyn said...

Thanks Lisa!!! Hahaha memang unexpected.. benda jadik sekejap and cepat sgt.. thanks again!! 😘


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